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November 1, 2005

Temple of Brutality will be part of some southern shows on Jagermeister Music Tour with Disturbed ...this will be in relation with the worldwide release of "Lethal Agenda" through Demolition/Universal on January 13th, 2006.

  The video for ' Lethal Agenda' is complete and will be on TV soon well as on the website for our fans .Look for the Debut here at, as well as the on-air debut announcement  soon.

  Following the dates with Disturbed will be another US run and also a support run for the movie "Waking up Dead".

  In the Spring TOB will be a part of another soundtrack for the movie "The 3rd Nail" which features a cameo from Peter Scheithauer...after which TOB will embark on a tour of Europe and Asia.    

  TOB is also booked for festivals in Europe starting April 29th and finishing September 2006.....

more news and more details to follow .....

October 5, 2005

The soundtrack from Fabio Jafet's new movie 'Waking up Dead' is now available for purchase and download from  the soundtrack features tracks from TOB and several other bands.

 Click the graphic below to get your copy today !

September 09 2005

 The appearances and shows surrounding the 'Waking up Dead' movie premieres in Florida went very well. TOB would like to thank all the fans that came out to the shows and made them such an overwhelming success.

 The Labor day weekend was a busy one for TOB, between the shows and then working with Director Fabio Jafet to shoot the 'Lethal Agenda' Video, time to relax was of short supply.

 However the shoot went very well and the guys are very excited with the preliminary results.  Photos and animations - shot by photographer Doug Heslep- will be posted online very soon, along with several behind the scene video clips.

 Details are also being ironed out for the Autumn Tour, with Dates and Venues to be announced very soon.

 Check back here for more breaking TOB news .

August  23 2005

TOB announces special appearances and Florida shows...

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August 22 2005

TOB announces  Official Tour Dates  to begin in October 2005...

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August 21 2005

TOB announces S. American Distribution Deal for Debut CD "Lethal Agenda"...

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For Immediate WorldWide Release Thurs. July 28, 2005

Temple of Brutality, featuring Peter Scheithauer(guitar), David Ellefson(Bass), Stet Howland(Drums) and Todd Barnes(Vocals) announce deal for their debut CD "Lethal Agenda" with Demolition/Universal Records. ( )

The deal, signed with Demolition/Universal, includes an Asian release date in October 2005,
followed by a European Release in November 2005.

European Tour Support for "Lethal Agenda" will commence in January 2006 - look for dates and venue schedules to be posted at  as they are confirmed.

A USA Distribution deal is still pending, but look for an announcement of a major US deal and subsequent tour dates in October and November 2005 to be made shortly.

Acclaimed director Fabio Jafet is set to shoot the video for the "Lethal Agenda" title track on September 4 & 5, 2005 in S.W. Florida.

Temple of Brutality are casting for the video shoot now, and are particularly seeking a character as follows :
Male, 50+ , distinguished looking-"Senator" type for music video shooting in S.W. Florida on September 3rd, 4th and 5th 2005.

Please send HeadShot and Resume to :  or Mail same to:

Fat Bastid Management,

5 Fairview Blvd.,

Ft. Myers Beach,

Florida 33931 -USA

More information regarding Temple of Brutality can be found exclusively at their official website :

More information regarding Demolition Records can be found at:

August,  2005 -

 Renowned Director Fabio Jafet's new movie -

"Waking up Dead " to include 3 songs from TOB's 1st release "Lethal Agenda"


August,  2005 -

 TOB to attend movie premiere.

TOB band members will be in attendance in Ft Lauderdale, Fla. for the  premiere of Director Fabio Jafet's new movie  "Waking up dead". 

 The psuedo-rockumentary documents the rockstar escapades of Skid Row / Saigon Kick drummer "Phil Varone".

 Billed as an "unprecedented backstage pass into the music business" - the flick is sure to raise the volume level and some eyebrows.

 Be sure to catch the show in a theater near you.

August, 2005 -

 Video Shoot for "Lethal Agenda" Title track

"Temple of Brutality set to shoot video for MTV for Lethal Agenda's title track."

Director : Fabio Jafet

Produced By:  Temple of Brutality

See the Video - Coming Soon



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'Lethal' Lyrics

WorldWide 'Lethal Agenda' CD Release Date:
January 13, 2006




Source -

Extended Interviews in English & Spanish

Interview with Peter Scheithauer

(guitar player of Temple Of Brutality, Killing Machine, Stream)

First of all, thanks a lot for this interview.

Hi…what s up? First thanks for giving me time for an interview...

What artist or band inspired you to play guitar?

First time I really thought “whoa !!! I wanna play guitar” was when I saw Kiss with Ace Frehley ……..probably the show and make-up etc …I loved it ….Kiss was like the X-men on stage …..then I listened to a lot of different guitar players from the 70’s like Ted Nugent, Billy Gibbons, Michael Schenker, Gary Moore etc…..of course Van Halen changed my approach to the guitar alot…..but really during the 80’s all those guitar virtuoso's started to be boring ….nice playing but hey- I´m metal I don´t care about your skills I care about attitude, agressivness, balls ……So here comes people like Kerry King, Dave Mustaine, 'real' metal players ….and then Dimebag (RIP) man what a loss …it's one thing to play heavy, ...

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July 19, 2005


Temple of Brutality 19.07.05 . 10:58
La gran banda de heavy metal Temple of Brutality, formada por Todd Barnes en voces, David Ellefson en bajo, Peter Scheithauer en guitarras y Stet Howland en los tarros, ha lanzado su sitio web:, en donde podrán encontrar info, videos, sonidos y todo lo que quieran saber sobre esta gran banda que lanzará su debut, "Lethal Agenda", a fines de año.

June 21, 2005

Source: :

David Ellefson And Stet Howland Join Forces In TEMPLE OF BRUTALITY   [Hot Flashes - 05.06.22 19:50:03]

Former MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson and current W.A.S.P. drummer Stet Howland together form the rhythm section of a brand new band called TEMPLE OF BRUTALITY. Their debut album, Lethal Agenda, is complete and awaiting release. ....

read the entire interview :


Dave Ellefson

on Temple of Brutality's Chemistry


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